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Teenage Girls Gynecological Problems

Gynecologic care of the adolescent give chances for the doctor who does not typically care for youthful women in this age category. These patients need a variety, gentle and educated approach. They must be secure of a private doctor–patient relationship without distancing their parents.

Number of certain adolescent gynecology problems can influence teenage girls. Ask to our Best Gynecology Doctor India about gynecological issues that can affect teenage girls.

Best Gynecology Doctor India

Adolescent gynecology problems can include:

  • Breast masses
  • Irregular puberty, early or delayed
  • Amenorrhea 
  • Menstrual irregularity 
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Pelvic/ovarian cysts 
  • Structural or anatomic problems of the reproductive area
Initial Meeting

The most main section of the gynecologic meeting may be the time spent achieving the patient's self-confidence. If an adolescent comes with her parent, it is useful to describing rules of confidentiality, that the teenagers is the patient and at some point the parent will be requested to step out of the room to grant the daughter to talk to the Top Gynecologist in India singly. The adolescent needs reassurance that all discussion will be confidential but convenient communication between the daughter and her parent is supported. For early teenager, a few minutes alone with the Best Gynecologist in Kerala may be all that is required. For late adolescents the parent may not required to be present at all.


A menstrual history should be discover through particular questions about amount, length and frequency of flow. The number of pads used may also cause to an incorrect evaluation of menstrual pattern as some adolescents will change as soon as the pad is dirty, whereas others only when the pad is wetted.

Best Gynecology Doctor India may also explain the seriousness of symptoms such as molimina and mild symptoms such as dysmenorrhea which can encourage the patient that nothing is seriously wrong. Continual urinary tract disease or previous urologic surgery may be related to a gynecologic issues.

Teenagers have any gynecological issues, consult Best Gynecologist in India.

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