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Women's Gynecologic Health

Obstetrics and best gynecology doctor India is totally committed to provide health care services to women looking for gynecological solutions. We offering a vast range of services. From pre-pregnancy care to childbearing and post-menopausal care, there is a facility for all health issues a woman meet during these stages. Main purpose is to develop health of women by providing them full support, care and empathy that they need. Gynaecology deals with illness of women and the woman is the backbone of the family and should be cared for.

Best Gynecology Doctor India

Pre-pregnancy counseling is provided to any woman planning a child. It is important for each couple to request guidance before embarking on a pregnancy. A thorough check up is done to identify any disease such as diabetes, thyroid problems, heart issues and the like.

  • Diagnosis, treatment and guidance are provided to stabilize the hopeful mother before pregnancy. 
  • Genetic guide, if required, is provided.
  • Screening for Rubella immune status, Haemoglobin electrophoresis and sexually transmitted problems like HIV / Hepatitis B is offered.
  • Your Dietary intake will be studied and guidance will be given.
  • Women with issues like septum, polycystic ovary and endometriosis are evaluated and treated.
  • Also, expecting mothers who have taken to drugs, smoking and drinking are advised on its result on pregnancy
  • Regular Follow up
As soon as you think that you may be pregnant, it is very important that you see a best gynecologist in Kerala.

  • We provide consultation and treatment for the antenatal care.
  • There will be a guideline and explaining about changes in Pregnancy.
  • In first consultation, it is very important that you give details of your general health, illness, habits, allergies and past pregnancy if any.
  • The doctors will motivate and will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on medicines, diet, exercise, required investigations and dos and don’ts during pregnancy.
  • Regular Follow up

Why health check up plans are important ??

Women who are well need regular preventive services like breast exams, Pap tests, immunizations, and blood testing, along with periodic calculation of weight, height and blood pressure.

Regular health exams and tests can help find issues before they start. Which exams and screenings you require depends on your age, health ,family history and lifestyle choices such as what you eat, how active you are, and whether you smoke. Top gynecologist in India collect large amount of information about you and your health just by observing and talking to you.

People make appointments to see their doctor for several reasons. Some only go to the doctor when they are facing a new issue and others see their doctor at more regular intervals for ongoing follow-up of a chronic disease. Preventive health check-ups are very useful in advanced detection of all types of disease and risk factors.

Why does a gynecologist ask when your last period was?

Knowing when your last period was can give your gynecologist a lot of information. It also can let your gyn know about the timing of your menstrual cycle. If a girl is pregnant, the date of her last period helps doctors outline the baby's due date. Gyn might ask several questions about your periods. How you answer them can help you get the best care for your particular needs.

Ask a gynecologist online

If you have missed a period, irregular periods, infection, a  difficult pregnancy or need to undergo surgery or are trying to conceive, feel free to ask. You no longer have to plan an appointment with a gynecologist and wait to be seen to get your questions answered. Consult our gynecologist and get answers to your ob-gyn questions fastly.

Consult our female gynecology doctor for all the gynecological problems.

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