Friday, 6 November 2015

Healthy Pregnancy

A pregnant lady must take a really good care about her health physically and mentally. health of a baby is depends on his mother’s health. By following some rules or guidelines you will get a better health and a healthy baby.

  1. When you realize that you are pregnant you need some advice from your mother, a good gynecologist or a midwife. That will helps you to get a better antenatal care. And try to attend the pregnancy classes read books about the natural birth and delivery.
  2. Balanced diet during pregnancy is  an another important factor  of a pregnant lady. must eat protein contained vegetables or fruits. daily. bread, pasta, rice can include  in  your food for plenty carbohydrates. You can eat fish  3 times  in a week for  your  baby's brain development and health.
  3. Avoid the some  substance such as alcohol, cigarette, and drugs. that may dangerous for you and for your baby.  Do not use  any medications  without permission off your gynecologist.
  4. Regular exercise is very important thing during pregnancy. That will helps you improve your health and endurance. Brisk walking, swimming, yoga  are some  good exercises for  a pregnant lady. start pelvic floor exercises that  will  support your bladder, vagina and  back  passage.
  5. Talk to your baby and enjoy your growing bond with him try to understand his growth and reactions of baby to the senses.
  6. Take rest during pregnancy time try to manage the stress in your life.
  7. During pregnancy your skin changes to more sensitive so try to use sunscreens

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